Sunday, April 19, 2009

English Essay


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu,

Abang kepada Tuah terpikir nak buat cerpen/essay bertajuk love story based on Taylor Swift love story song. The outline will be like this.

1. There is a girl live in Manhattan. Atlas and magazines will be use to draw the place. (perhaps you cold advised on how I could get my hand on The New Yorker)
2. She typical 15 years old new york girl only the fact that she also a doughter to a single father (mom dead) ex-loyer-now-mayor's political adviser make her stay almost out of the circle of school mate.
3. Never dating as any boy could be 'suspect' to her father for taking advantage of her.
4. meet her 'john boy' (JB) on a book club dancing party. (it will be describe as along night)
5. with helps from her nanny she manage to have kind of first date with JB at book signing even at New York Public Library, 5th Avenue. (any other place that would be nice for the first date with reasonable reason?)
6. that meeting follows by another untill her father caught them by himself and give very sharp and straight forward warning-Stay away! or else.
7. then they go saperate ways but the girl didn't really want to until one day she ask him to help her runaway from her father!
8. but JB is a good boy (you know, just like me) and her back to her father. He been accused to influence her and make him move from his school to Darrow School in in Columbia County, New York ( Darrow is a Co-ed College Preparatory Boarding & Day School for Grades 9-12 in New Lebanon, a town in Columbia County, New York, 24 miles southeast of Albany. Darrow is located on Mount Lebanon in the central Berkshires in New Lebanon. can you belive it? new lebanon? nice huh! what , you don't think so?) the girl try to stop him but know the JB don't really have a choice as her father is really connected.
9. the girl heart, as it suppose to be, broke so hard. only if she know there's a deal between JB and her father!
10. on her graduation day (not high school, Princeton! it's like a decade after that) she heard about her JB and decided to look for him and she found him.
11. as expected she pour all her heart to him .
12. then something happen...he take out a small box from his pocket and take out a ring from it.
13. he ask her to marry him but ask about her father and he told the deal between him and her father.
14. and after she accept the proposal, she ask why her father acted like that at the first place, JB only smile and then she suddenly she come to her sense and said
15. "we were both young when I first saw you". (I mean they was just 15 and sixteen new yorker! but just so you know I had never accept the excuse. I know I was young and everything but it dosen't justify the ban on getting married ).

So, amacam? Toleng komen, ye. Kalau boleh segera. Terima kasih, sekian.


Pepatah Tuah: Biar putih tulang jangan kuning gigi (gosok, jangan tak gosok tau!)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

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  1. ksian..xde org nk komen ahaha.

    1st of all, ada salah grammar. boleh tahan byk la. n ada ayat yg tak difahami maksudnya (her father is connected???)

    ape kes nak buat cite pasal lagu tu? adoih, pelik tul. hooho


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